The Symbolism and Many Uses of Tobacco

When many people hear ‘tobacco’, the first thing that comes to mind is cigarettes. The deeper Indigenous traditions associated with tobacco are often forgotten. We’re here to educate and remind you about the importance of tobacco as a healing medicine, a tool in prayer and a significant offering when forming new relationships.

Tobacco’s healing power comes from its absorbing quality. When we face a skin ailment for example, tobacco can be used to dress the infection, absorbing the afflicted areas.

The ability to absorb branches into tobacco’s role in prayer rituals. When we pray, tobacco absorbs our prayers. In some prayer rituals, tobacco is smoked. The act of smoking the tobacco draws up our prayers to the Creator.

Finally, tobacco is a symbolic gift. Tobacco is an offering for those seeking guidance to give to healers and elders. We can offer tobacco when building a new relationship as a way of saying thank you.

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Photo Credit: Pixabay

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