Special Look: Midnight Shine’s “Heart of Gold” (Cover)

Musicians in their early career often find themselves being resourceful. Whether it’s borrowing an instrument from a friend when they can’t afford one, or making their own rendition.

Nothing less came from Adrian Sutherland, who at the age of 16 borrowed an Elder’s harmonica, and out of limited supplies fashioned a homemade harness. In an isolated area of the Attawapiskat region, today’s Midnight Shine learned Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. 25 years later, a song cover and music video release to pay homage to one of his “biggest musical inspirations”, says Shine. Even more so, the set of the music video is the same place he learned to play the song.

Cover art for Midnight Shine’s Heart of Gold.

The Heart of Gold music video credits cinematographer Cliff Hokanson who it was shot and directed by, produced by RoseAnna Schick, edited by Bethany Fontaine, and coloured by Tony Wytinck.

Heart of Gold could be found on Midnight’s Shine’s third album High Road. Watch the music video on YouTube below:


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