14 Ways to Have Valentines Day on a Budget

There are many things to love about Valentines Day. The sweet-scented candles, the abundance of red everywhere, the sense of belonging to name a few. One thing that isn’t loved are the expenses that could come with pleasing your valentine. With the suggestions below, re-invent your Valentines Day with these 14 (see what was done there?) inexpensive alternatives:

Go Somewhere Free

No entry fee? No problem. Save yourself some bucks by going to places that could entertain you and your date for free. These public places can include parks, museums and outdoor skating rinks.

Make Your Own Valentines Card

Sure. You could hit up a special card store like Hallmark, Papyrus, or Carlton Cards and buy a fancy looking card for the minimal price of a Starbucks venti. Or, you could go to your local dollar store, buy cheap supplies and make your own. The effort in your creativity should reap you some merit. If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, you could always buy a card there for half the price.

Dedicate a Playlist to Your Valentine

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Burning CDs are cool and all; perhaps they even bring back a sense of nostalgia. But the world is going digital. Save your self the blank CD buying and computer labor by curating a special playlist of your valentines favorite songs on apps such as Spotify or Apple Music. You’re already paying for it monthly—get your moneys worth.

Netflix and Chill

No need to elaborate here.

YouTube and Chill

An even cheaper alternative than the one above. For those who haven’t renewed their Netflix subscription this month, they could happily enjoy the company of their valentine and Netflix’s cousin with YouTube. The best part? It’s free—assuming you have internet.

Make Your Date a Romantic Dinner

While you’re youtubing and chilling, take advantage of the vast array of “how to cook” videos and surprise your valentine with a romantic meal. Throw some rose pedals on the table for extra spice.

Finesse Your Parents to Cook

If you’re too cheap to expend energy and some of your budget on making a nice dinner for your valentine, get your parents to. If you’re fortunate to have parents who love having company over and who love to cook, you’re in luck—assuming they don’t figure out your true intentions.

Buy a Cheap Pizza

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There is always a pizza deal waiting for you to claim. With no luck in making a special dinner or having made it for you, there’s always pizza.

Have a Movie Marathon

The expenses of movie going don’t end after the expense of the ticket. Adding concession snacks to your budget may turn out to be a costly date. Stay home and host a movie marathon. For those who may dread Valentines day, longer movies like Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter are highly suggested. By the time you finish the last installment of any of these selections, it will already be midnight.

Gift Flowers and a Box of Chocolate

Though this classic Valentines go-to has been widely known to primarily please female dates for decades, perhaps men may be open to having the tables turn on them.  A surprised reaction is the very least a woman will get upon gifting this combination, and for some couples, that may just be enough.

Make up a Creative Excuse

If you’re pockets are running dry this Valentines, but your date is expecting something tangible or an expensive experience, you may need to create a story to offset their desire. The “dog ate my credit card” excuse may not work on such an anticipated day, especially if you don’t have a dog. Maybe try convincing them that you’re saving money for their (you and your valentines) future. The assurance that you want them to be your valentine for life may save you and your bank account some expenses for a while.

Red, Red, Wine

Everyone should know celebratory drinks like wine are more expensive in restaurants. Save and get your date their favorite drink at your local bottle store. For the non-alcoholic drinkers, there are alternatives such as sparkling wine to enjoy.

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Camp out in Your Car

Not all of us have the luxury of owning a place to ourselves. Assuming you or your date have a car, make that your day’s escape. Seats decline, your love shouldn’t.

Postpone Your Valentines Day Celebration

If you know you’ll never hear the end of it for not getting your valentine something to remember, simply post-pone the day you plan to celebrate. Not only may this give you extra time to make some extra dollars, but the price of seasonal gifts usually get cut down after the holiday has passed.

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