Genevieve Fisher on Releasing New Music During a Pandemic

Genevieve Fisher is about to drop her new single, “Someone Else,” but she’ll have to hold off on performing it live anytime soon.

Fisher is one of the more highly acclaimed Indigenous singer-songwriters working in Canada today. Among her accolades, she’s earned Female Artist of the Year nominations at the 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Country Music Association of Ontario Music Awards, and she’s scored two number one hits on the North American Indigenous Top 40 broadcast.

Fisher is waiting out the coronavirus pandemic at her home in St. Thomas, Ontario, where we caught up with her.

How have you been handling the COVID-19 situation?

I’m not going to lie. Initially when it all started I was having a bit of a hard time with it. My husband is a police officer on the front lines working crazy hours so he was rarely home. But I’m doing better now. I’m sitting at the piano, coming up with new song ideas, and embracing being alone. I feel lucky that I have a home.

Is the pandemic giving you more ideas for your songwriting?

I’m playing around with different melodies, hooks, and lyrics. If this pandemic situation continues I might start reaching out to my friends in Nashville and doing some Skype writes. Of course we’re now getting into festival season when a lot of us artists would be performing but I can’t see that happening now. I’m releasing my new single to radio stations across Canada so I’m busy with that.

Tell us about your new single

This single is called,” Someone Else,” and I’d like to say a big thank you to ELMNT FM!  You’ll be the first radio station playing the song! I co-wrote it with Karen Kosowski and Emma-Lee in Nashville, where the track was recorded.

Why is it entitled “Someone Else?”

I had performed at a show in my hometown which I found to be disappointing in terms of lack of support, and I was feeling a bit defeated in the music industry. I started second-guessing so much of what I was doing.  I vividly remember thinking that I needed to write a song to pick myself back up and get me back on track. I needed to write a song for me. The premise is if you could see yourself in the eyes of someone else, you would see your potential, your beauty, and your worth. It’s a song I needed to write and I’m so proud of it!

What are three of your takeaways from this COVID-19 situation?

I’m definitely connecting more with nature along with my dog Lyla. She and I take long walks on a friend’s farm where we can be alone. It’s also been a good time for me to focus on me. We live in a time when we’re so focused on our careers and go-go-go, it’s good to slow down and I’m embracing that. And I started running which is something I would never have considered doing before. I find it to be therapeutic.

When and where is the new single available?

The new song is available on all digital platforms on April 18th, and it officially goes to radio on April 20th. It’s available right now for pre-order on iTunes.


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