PSW’s, Long Term Care and the next decade

Over the last few days we’ve been hearing a lot about COVID-19 in long term care homes and the personal support workers (PSW) who are over worked, very under paid and having to work multiple jobs in various homes.

Premier Doug Ford announced yesterday that additional measures would be put in place to help long term care facilities in the province.

Are you or do you know a PSW working in the province?

If so, what would you like the rest of us to know about your working conditions or what that person is dealing with on a daily basis that the rest of us are not aware of?

PSW’s are not regulated in Ontario, should they be?

What are we learning from this pandemic about how long term care facilities operate?

With an aging population, the need for long term care and personal support workers will be in greater demands over the next decade.

Please join the conversation about this important role that PSW’s and long term care play in our society….

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