Ready for your own #coronacut? Here are five tips to get you started

It’s been at least a month since most of us had our hair cut and #coronacuts are taking place around the world with mixed results. You’ve surely seen some of the best and worst online, and if you’re ready to tackle you’re very own coronacut for the first time, keep these ideas in mind:

Get ready 
If you’ve got some scissors, you’re ready to go. Clippers are fantastic. A comb will help. And who needs a haircut cape when you can use a plastic bag:


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Before and after #coronacut #quarentinehaircut

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Be bold

If you’re gonna cut your own hair, you’re already feeling brave. So be bold! If you fail, no one is likely to notice – and you may just succeed.

Pick a theme
Have fun with it. Get creative. Now is a great time to go for a family look:

Hand over the scissors
If you don’t live alone, ask for help! Hopefully you trust your roommate or partner… ultimately, they’ll be looking at you more than anyone else!


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Just cut David’s hair …… thank f*ck we’re in lockdown for the next 3 weeks 🤣🤣🤣 #coronacut

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Ask a pro
There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to cut your own hair, but if you want some tailored advice, reach out to your favourite stylist and ask them to walk you through it on a virtual haircut!


If your stay-home hair cut is a disaster… well, you’re not alone. And it will grow out before most people know. Or maybe you’ll find a hidden talent! Either way, share your #cornacut with us on Instagram @1065 ELMNT FM.

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