Take out containers, pipe cleaners and an orange: all you need for a crafternoon

I don’t know about you, but both the craft supplies and creativity are starting to run low at our house. Luckily, my daughter hasn’t noticed, which is a great reminder that you can keep it simple with kids — and they will still have a tonne of fun.


Did you know there are 40 species of spiders in Ontario? We saved the chopsticks and styrofoam containers from a recent sushi delivery to create these, the 41st species: Pipecleaner Foametarius


Caterpillars in Ontario can be smooth, bristly, hairy, bumpy, and made of cardboard! No toilet paper or paper towel roll gets put in the recycling anymore at our house — each can be used for crafty goodness!


In a nod to  this classic Sesame Street scene and this even more retro Fred Astaire, meet Ms. Orange: the toilet-roll-turned-top hat wearing, chopstick-armed song and dance fruit.

Got any simple and fun crafts to share? I’d love to try them! Comment with your #QuarantineCrafts or tag us on Instagram.

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