This is how we do it Canada!

Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic began I have found myself counting my blessings.  One of those blessings is that I live in Canada.  I am so grateful that I live here and that my immediate family lives here.  I truly believe that every branch of government here cares about us and has the best interest of their citizens in mind.  With that being said, I think my favourite part about living here is how funny Canadians are and most of the time we don’t even mean to be.

Take for instance the way our leaders describe physical distancing to us.  It’s nothing short of amazing how a few weeks ago Toronto Mayor John Tory told everyone to, “stay a hockey stick lengths distance from each other.”  That made me giggle and then I thought to myself whose hockey stick?  Are we talking Theo Fleury or Mario because that’s a big difference. LOL.

Anyway… you can see examples of this all over the nation.  Down in the beaches area of Toronto there are signs that even show you what to do.

Three geese apart.  Do your part. Stay apart.

Now that’s how we do it in Canada folks!

photo by Megan Geisberger


Julian Taylor

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