ELMNT FM’s Sara Kae on How to Find Creative Inspiration During the Pandemic

The extension of the state of emergency until June 2nd can be daunting to those of us with creative minds. I find myself experiencing a vicious cycle of bland ideas that I am constantly revisiting due to a lack of real world experiences.
However, I’ve decided to follow my version of ‘the three R’s,’ and as a result I have noticed a change for the better in my writing (songwriting, story writing, radio bit writing).
1. Reduce the amount of social media exposure 
Social media can be inspiring, but too much mindless scrolling can leave your mind on auto-pilot. I notice that after spending copious amounts of time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., I am overwhelmed with too much content, or I can subconsciously compare myself to others and their journey in quarantine versus my own.
Opt out of social media by reading a book you normally wouldn’t read, or step out of your comfort zone and watch a movie you wouldn’t typically watch (documentaries really help get me back into my groove).
2. Reuse old experiences 
Revisiting pictures, written work, voice memos or experiences can help inspire thinking that you may not be feeling or doing in that current moment, but it will trigger those emotions you felt in that specific moment in time.
For example, I went through photos and videos that I took from my trip to Mexico last year and noticed that I felt inspired to write lyrics about all the experiences that I had while exploring Mexico City.
3. Recycle all ideas 
Don’t overanalyze your work at this current point in time.  Be kind to your mind because you are not in a state where you are feeling the inspiration and experiences that you would under normal circumstances.
Don’t be afraid to create ‘bad’ content. Creation is creation. Create as much as you can, and sift through your ideas at a later date or when you get that burst of inspiration.
Make notes and memos of an idea the minute it comes to your mind. And if you are not inspired enough to explore that idea, come back to it when you feel in the mood.
Creation is your own personal journey. Do not rush your thoughts or push yourself if it is not coming when you wish it would.
Spend time outside in nature, practice yoga, meditate, read a new book, watch a new movie and talk to friends and family. Take the time to see what works for you and roll with it. It’s a learning curve!

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