ELMNT FM’s Sara Kae on Keeping Your Skin Happy and Healthy

The sun is beginning to shine more on our faces as we approach June,  and I am happy to take in all of the Vitamin D I can get. In fact, the moment the sun came out the other day and warmed up the temperature, I was outside in my favourite bikini sitting for hours.
Without thinking, I forgot the most important step to sunbathing, or just spending time outside in general, which is ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN.

I spent hours outside, and when I went back in, I noticed my back was badly sunburned, and my behind looked like a tomato! It was just as painful as it looked.

I felt silly for forgetting the most crucial part to spending so much time under the powerful UV rays.

My solution was to apply aloe vera gel to soothe the burn, and I also applied after sun lotion which assists in keeping your skin from peeling.
The upside is that I always manage to remember to wear facial sunscreen (this is progress for me), so at least my face wasn’t burned.
Here are four products that I tend to gravitate towards when protecting myself from the sun:
All these products can be found at any drugstore and get the job done while being reasonably priced.
It is very important to take of your skin while being exposed to the sun!
Cheers to more sunny days to come!

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