My Experience Driving Through the Toronto Zoo’s New Scenic Safari

After being cooped up for so long in my Toronto condo, driving to the Toronto Zoo to experience the new scenic safari felt like I was going on a vacation. The light traffic was a bonus too.

I live downtown, and in pre-pandemic days it would have taken an hour or so to get there. But I arrived in less than twenty minutes and here’s how it went…

Friendly zoo staffers were greeting vehicles in the parking lot and directing the cars into a queue. We were told not to drive more than 5 km per hour.

At the starting point we were told to download an app with an audio tour of what we were about to see. The Wild For Life podcast is available on Apple, Spotify or Google.

Vehicles drive on staff-only roads that weave throughout the park.

There were rhinos to the left, and zebras to the right.


There were plenty more animals along the way, but the highlight for me was driving through the lion cave, where I was practically nose to nose with this lion.

The only thing separating us was a sheet of glass.


I looked right into his eyes, and I felt like I was getting a peek into his soul.



The flamingos were another highlight. So pretty! Did you know that flamingos have orange eyes?

It was very comfortable and lot of fun driving through the zoo in a car. The entire drive took just under an hour.

At no point were we allowed to leave the car. Washrooms are available for use prior to the start of the safari.

If you want to experience the drive-through zoo, for tickets and more information, here is the link.

By Cathy Sobocan

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