Sara Kae’s Advice on Online Dating During the Pandemic

Hello single friends!

If you are reading this and relating to the first sentence, you my friend, are just as single as I am.
However, this is not a pity post about being single. It is the exact opposite.
 I am using this quarantine time to focus in on my intimate relationship with myself. Do not get me wrong. I am entertaining conversations with people who I can see potential with, but I have opted out of taking it too seriously. Instead, I’m dedicating this time on my career, education, physical health and relationships with my friends and family. Also, in this time in lockdown, I have realized a lot about what I want to achieve in the next year.
Online dating has made long distance dating the norm, but even with the internet and instantaneous communication at the touch of button, it is still not the same as meeting someone in person. As much as I try to get to know someone online, the dynamic will always change once more factors are put in. So, for now, I’ve been speaking with people who I have a connection with, but not yet deciding what that connection means. What ‘s working for me right now, is treating everyone as a friend.
The lockdown is the perfect time to REALLY get to know someone, before you meet in person.
This is definitely new to us dating in this generation because, as you know, everything escalates quickly!
Nevertheless, hone in on the relationship you are sharing with yourself right now. We have a lot more free time that we can dedicate to things that we typically never have time for, so don’t be afraid to try new things or start a new project.
The dating scene will be absolutely flooded once this is all said and done!

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