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DATED: May 31st 2020

This has weighed on my mind for the last 24 hours.

I was asked by someone if I was going to stand in solitary and join the protest in Toronto yesterday. I told them that I would NOT be there and then was criticized and reprimanded by that same person for not attending as if my heart and soul was in the wrong place.

I want to make this abundantly clear. I stand in solidarity with George Floyd, who was wrongfully murdered last week by a Minnesota police officer, and know where my heart and soul are.

I disagree with everything that has happened and has been happening to my people. I can say that because I am a black man with Indigenous roots. I stand with everyone who’s been marginalized and beaten down.

The reason that I did NOT attend the protest is because I am a father, a nephew, a brother, a cousin, a friend and a son to many people that I love and I chose NOT to be in crowd during a time when the entire world is facing a global pandemic.

That is why I did not go. I believe in protecting the people I love and the people that they love. When everyone learns to understand what that means and that means fucking everyone then maybe we’ll get somewhere.

Many people walk unaware of this simple and loving truth.

This is what has lead to the very protests that I’m referring too.

Let it be known that I applaud anyone for standing up for what they believe in and I support anyone standing up for injustice in the world. I try to every day.

So in conclusion my only humble request is that if you did go and join the protest that you please love and respect us all and stay home as long as you possibly can to insure the safety and well being of everyone.

That’s my rant. One love.


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