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I went to the dentist the other day.
They sent me a text confirming my appointment last Monday at noon. The
appointment was set up back in March, before the COVID shutdown. I
have an old filling that needs to be replaced. So, I agreed to the
appointment. Then they sent me the release I had to sign off on. I won’t
trouble you with all of the legalese but here’s essence of the deal:
COVID-19 transmits by droplets in the air. In dentistry there are many
droplets in the air — and we can’t guarantee that you won’t be infected by

It was like having to sign a release to go to a Donald Trump rally.
So now, I’m starting to think, “Do I really want to compromise everything
I’ve invested into my 3-month self-isolation to have a filling replaced?” It’s
like I know there’s a leak in my car tire — but do I want to fix it now?
Ultimately, I have undying trust in my dentist — and I decide to go.
So, I get there… and you have to text them from your car. “OK, I’m here.”
Then they text you back when it’s time for you to come up to the office.
You’re met at the door — where they take your temperature with that gun
thing — which is enough to make your temperature rise. And with any luck
— you’re in.

But, it’s like you’ve walked on to the set of “the Twilight Zone.” The plush
wall to wall carpet, comfy chairs and side tables stacked with outdated
magazines — GONE!

Sanitize your hands.

You’re assigned to one of 3 plastic chairs that’ve been taped to the floor so
they can’t move. Seriously. And there’s lots of plexiglas.
And then they make you do the paperwork — fill out a declaration — before
the appointment. I’m not sick and I don’t know any travellers.
This is where I found out my appointment was for a “cleaning” — not to
replace the filling. That changed everything. You know what a “cleaning” is
— that’s scraping and then they hose you down, which creates “a lot of

As brave as I felt going to the dentist — I took a pass and walked out. I’m
sure the tire’s still leaking. I’ll deal with it later.

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