Adrian Sutherland Awarded for “Politician Man” Video

Adrian Sutherland’s music video, “Politician Man” has garnered him his first award.

The lead singer for Midnight Shine won the Golden Sheaf Award at the Yorkton Film Festival in Saskatchewan for Best Performing Arts & Entertainment.

Sutherland wrote the song after a controversial comment from an Ottawa politician in August of 2019, when northern Ontario First Nation Attawapiskat was put under a state of emergency over contaminated water.

The Golden Sheaf Award is considered a coveted prize among Canadian filmmakers.

Executive produced by Adrian Sutherland, directed by Justin Stephenson, and produced by RoseAnna Schick, the music video for Sutherland’s debut single has been gaining attention since its release. Politician Man is a protest song, calling out politicians of all stripes in a direct way, while encouraging each of us to do our part to better understand each other. Sutherland sings: “We need to listen, we need to change, we’re sick and tired of the same old games…”

Politician Man claimed top spot on the Indigenous Music Countdown earlier this month, reaching #1 on the Canadian-produced and internationally-recognized “Top 40” music chart. The video has been viewed more than 45k times on YouTube, and is being played on radio stations in North America, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and Australia.

Watch the video here:

Politician Man

Listen to (or download!) the song here:

Politician Man


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