Sara Kae’s Tips for Moving During a Pandemic

Moving is stressful to begin with, but moving during a pandemic is even more stressful. Now that I’ve been through it, I have some tips that will make your move easier.

Make a Donation / Throw Away Pile 

This is a helpful tip for ANY move. Go through all of your belongings and set aside anything no longer useful to you.  There is no use in packing up items that you are going to get rid of. If you are donating, check regulations of your local donation stations because at this current time they may not be accepting it.

While I was moving, I gave items for donation to a friend to hold onto to, being that she lives directly beside a donation bucket. She has kindly agreed to put it into the bin for me once it re-opens.

Virtual Paperwork & Viewings 

A lot of renters will do a FaceTime or Skype call to show you the place.  It’s helpful when you can’t or do not want to be in close distance with strangers.

Also, signing of papers online is the best route to go. This is also good because you will have all of the paperwork stored on your computer without having to scan it, and you can print it if you desire a hard copy.

E-transfer will be your life saver when needing to send money, but be sure to check restrictions on amounts of money you are able to send at a time (this is due to personal experience of not being allowed to send over $3,000 at a time)


I have opted out of using movers because my friends (being the best people ever) have offered to help me move. I personally don’t like random people moving my things and I don’t have many large items so a few close friends will do the trick.

I am making sure to keep the amount of people helping to a minimum for social distancing purposes. Keep in mind to try and stay 2 feet away from one another best as possible and masks are good idea if having to share a vehicle or an elevator.


If you have moved before you will know there is a collection of recycling, garbage, and boxes that you need to dispose of. Make sure to  hold onto all items for about a week and a bit until you are completely settled in because you will notice it will randomly accumulate when you realize things that you may need to buy or things you may have missed in the move that could be disposed of. This will ensure that you aren’t making numerous trips in public (even if it is in your condominium building) to dispose any waste.

As a young working professional who moved from Thunder Bay, Ontario at the age of 18, I have done my fair share of moving so I am far less stressed about it. And that brings us to my final tip: do not stress yourself out because it all ends up working out in the end.

Good luck & happy moving!

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