Blog 8

The anti-maskers were out protesting on the TTC this week. What’s the point? They say it’s a violation of their rights. No one should be able to tell them what to do. It’s a free country. Well, they’re right — it is a country — a collective that only works if we all work together.

Maybe they’re just people with bad breath who don’t want to re-breathe it. So they won’t put on a mask.

Truth is — OK — don’t take the TTC. Don’t go anywhere. Have your friends bring you food, that you can’t buy, because you won’t put on a mask to go to a Fortinos. Or wherever you shop. Stay home — it’ll save us all. Thank you.

Spread the word — not the virus.

Will the anti-maskers become anti-vaxxers when we get a vaccine? To be continued…


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