Julian Taylor’s Summer Camping Adventure

So… as the summer hits full swing I thought it would be a great idea to go camping and get a little rest and relaxation.  Whoever said that camping was relaxing wasn’t being totally honest.  I’ve gone camping before and, well I guess that I forgot too.  It’s not relaxing at all, but it does create some awesome memories.  That’s why we do it.

We rented a really cool trailer from Happy Camper Adventures.  It was an awesome little trailer named “Shrimp.”  The first day and night it pretty much rained the whole time so we refreshed our Crazy Eights skills and played Snakes and Ladders.

On night one my daughter fell out of her bed and nearly gave me a heart attack.  She’s a pretty crazy sleeper, and I’m not a big fan of bunking up with her because she’s one of those kickers.  Anyway… lets just say that I was sleep deprived the next day.

The next two days the weather was better thankfully. We roasted marshmallows and flamed up a beauty of a fire.

I have to say the highlights of the trip for me were going swimming in McRae Park because it’s so shallow and sandy. I also found some cool collectibles at the local comic store, and guess what? A bird crapped on me.  I hear that’s good luck.  YAY!

Wishing everyone the very best,

Julian Taylor

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