Sara Kae’s Perfect Summer Date Night

Picture this: It’s summer time and you and your significant other are trying to think of fun and new date ideas, but you want to keep your distance due to COVID (safety first, epic date night second). I am there with you on that and decided to make a list of ideas that have been on my radar!

DIY Drive In 

Pick a movie! Something you both have not seen and download it onto your laptop.

Choose a remote destination to park your car.  Prop the laptop either up on your dash, in the trunk, on the hood, etc., (make sure to bring pillows and blankets). It’ll give you more privacy than a drive in and gives a little twist to watching a movie at your home like you probably have been doing a lot of these days!  If you don’t have a car, grab a blanket and go find a spot in the park. Make sure you’ve got snacks and drinks!

Local Food Picnic

Try out local food and have a picnic (by the water is always my favourite). This supports local businesses and also gives you an excuse to try out some of those places you have been meaning to get to!  Its more of a romantic way of eating out (patio season and eating take out at your home can get boring).

Classic Stargazing 

And now the best way to connect with the person you are out with – lay a blanket down, and talk while taking in mother nature! The most meaningful chats happen at night. Snacks and drinks are always a must! And bring bug spray. I guarantee you will need it.

Keep in mind, these date ideas are good for long term relationships, fresh relationships or even with your BFF. Time spent together is  important, so enjoy your connections with your loved ones!

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