Fond Memories of The Orbit Room

It was a performance at the legendary Toronto music venue The Orbit Room just over twenty years ago that led to Staggered Crossing signing with Warner Music Canada.

It was spring 1999 and my friends Jeremy Elliott and Danny Goodtimes and me were somewhere on the east coast of Canada just rambling around.

We set off with some of our instruments and we were looking for anywhere to hang out and jam.

We might have been in Cape Breton at the time staying in the Macmillan families trailer.

Anyway… we got a call from Frank Davies who was the founder of TMP. He told us that there were some labels interested and we had to get back to do a show.

We didn’t have anything lined up. My dad was turning 50 that year and had booked his party at The Orbit so we came back and played there. I remember Steve Blair who was A&R then sitting at the bar watching the us. It was nerve racking but damn was it ever a moment that you dream about.

So many memories in that room and I will miss it. Thank you for the good times Tim Wilson and Tim Notter and crew. I’ve had some crazy nights there that I certainly don’t remember, but I always felt at home and always heard some amazing damn music.

Here’s a picture from I believe 2012 during a Canadian Music Week showcase that the awesome Tom Jackson was at. Ben Spivak, myself and Jeremy drove him to the airport the next day if my memory serves me right.

Cheers to the mighty Orbit may she rise from the ashes again.


Julian Taylor

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