New Music Releases For September 1st

We got a whole bunch of new music releases hitting the airwaves this week such as ELMNT FM’s very own Cody Coyote, The Weeknd, and Jaden with Justin Bieber, so let’s get started!


First off this is Cody’s newest and latest track. The name of the song ‘Debwe’ means truth in Ojibwe, and the track is very focused on spreading hope for anyone who is facing difficulties and tough challenges in their life right now. The song is very uplifting, positive, upbeat, and super catchy. It is definitely a song that will be stuck in your head for days.


Over Now

Up next, Calvin Harris teams up with The Weeknd for this soft pop track. This is actually Calvin and The Weeknd’s very first collaboration together and a fun fact is that the song was first teased at The Weeknd’s virtual concert on TikTok a couple of weeks ago. The track speaks about finally letting go of a toxic relationship with lyrics like “I need you to know we ain’t ever going back, this time it got so bad. It’s best for me and best for you”. A lot of Weeknd fans are speculating that the song could be about Bella Hadid. The pair have had an on and off relationship in the spotlight since 2015. Overall the song is a soulful soft pop track with a little bit of a 90s influence.

Falling For You

Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber have created a soft hip-hop style love song that is super catchy. The track comes off of Jaden’s newest album “CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3”. The pair were actually going to go on a tour this year before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. The song is all about being head over heels for someone that you really like and wanting to do anything and everything for them no matter what. Overall the song is very soft, slow and has a very cute message behind it.


And that’s all we got today on New Music Releases, make sure to come back next week where we’ll be reviewing a whole lot of great new music for you!


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