Three Tricks to Get the Sleep You Need

I’ve never been a good sleeper – I have trouble falling and staying asleep, but then when my alarm goes off in the morning, I struggle to wake up! If you’re also someone who tosses and turns, here’s a few of the latest tricks I’ve tried to get some solid zzz’s.

Drink Up

If you’ve ever looked at what you’re drinking before sleep, you already know that it’s best to avoid caffeine near bedtime. For some folks, that’s no caf from 6pm on, for others it’s none after noon. While caffeinated drinks will keep you awake, there are drinks that will help you relax into sleep.

Lavender tea will soothe your nervous system, lemon balm tea can have anti-anxiety effects, and chamomile tea can also help you relax. Also, bring back the warm milk before bed you maybe had a kid! If you’re dairy free, try hemp or almond milk for similar effect.

Warm toes, cool core

I’m someone who can’t stand having my feet covered – I stick my feet out of the bottom of the blanket even in winter. But, this may be working against me! Our core body temperature goes down at night and is an important neurobiological part of staying asleep. You can trick your body to cool down by making it think its too hot! Put on those socks and you might fall alseep sooner and sleep later.

Get outside

Natural sunlight or bright light during the day can help keep your circadian rhythm in good shape. Do your best to get outdoor sun exposure, but if that’s not possible, artificial bright lights have been proven to help too! And remember a balance – dim your lights at least an hour before you hope to sleep.

Good luck with your good night’s sleep!

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