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BLOG 11 — 2 minute read

Okay, it’s Fall — and by the end of the week it’ll be October. If you’re not in
a relationship, you might be looking for a significant other, which during
Autumn is otherwise known as “Cuffing Season.” And not in a “Fifty
Shades of Grey” kind of way.

According to Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines, “Cuffing Season” is the
time between October and March when people start searching for someone
to spend the long cold winter with. Data experts analyzed numbers from
dating apps like Tinder, Match and OK Cupid and found that each year
there’s a notable jump in active users, starting right after Thanksgiving until

I’m not talking about a lifelong relationship — it’s more of a “winter benefits
love bubble.” Movie nights snuggling up on the couch — romantic dinners
— and likely this year, negative Covid-19 tests.

Like every connection between two people, it starts with a mutual
agreement of how and how often the benefits will play out. You don’t have
to involve a lawyer, but you must agree to some level of commitment. Of
course, this will include “The Chat” or DTR — to “Define The Relationship.”
When March arrives, that’s another story — and it’s everyone for
themselves. It’s a new world in the lives of Millennials and Gen-Zedders
and a new world needs new rules.

It’s not for everybody — but if everybody liked everything, there’d be
lineups everywhere. Oh, wait a minute… there ARE.

Well, Happy Cuffing!
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