Moon Time Sisters Ontario is a partner of the charitable organization True North Aid. We gather donated menstrual products for young girls, women, and people who menstruate in remote, northern Indigenous communities. We are a 100% volunteer based organization and have a sister chapter in Saskatchewan and a new chapter in British Columbia.


Founder Nicole White, a Metis woman from SK. She began the chapter in Saskatchewan after learning that some young girls were missing school because they did not have access to menstrual products. In some Indigenous communities the cost of a package of tampons ranges from $16-18. We advocate for the right to free or affordable menstrual products in northern communities which removes a large barrier for many young girls, women, and people who menstruate. The Ontario Chapter began in March 2017, by Veronica Brown.


The Ontario Chapter completes a yearly fall drive during the month of October. During that month, volunteers collect items such as pads, tampons, cloth pads, menstrual cups, and other hygiene products. Once the drive is complete, all the items come together to be sorted, counted, and packed for shipping. These items go to high schools, health care centres, women’s shelters and groups, and a food bank. We send items to northern Ontario, Quebec, and two locations in Nunavut. We have just completed our fall drive for 2020, and have sent up over 225,000 items.


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