Sara Kae’s Breakfast Tortilla

Hello Friend!

I cannot cook, but I have made it my personal duty to learn how to make staple dishes that will have anyone begging me to cook again!

Today, I decided to wanted to do a little spin on the average omelette I make.


Whole Wheat Tortilla


2 Eggs







Olive Oil


You can use whatever vegetables you prefer!  



Heat up olive oil in a pan on low to medium

Once the pan and oil is hot, place onions and mushrooms in to cook for a couple of mins

Then place in peppers

Mix up 2 eggs with cut up spinach and once the vegetables are fairly cooked

Pour eggs with spinach in the pan

Mix all vegetables and eggs with spinach together until it is thoroughly cooked

Take the avocado and mash it up and butter the entire whole wheat tortilla with the avocado

Put ham down next and place the cooked egg with veggies on next and throw a little cheese on top

Fold in half and put it in a panini press



If you do not have a panini press, throw the avocado spread whole wheat tortilla with the ham on top of the eggs and veggies in a pan and fold in half gently to keep from everything falling apart  


This is super easy to make, but almost always full proof to have tasting delicious (even inexperienced cooks like me can do it)!

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