Stay Home Club with Jill Kennedy: February 15-21

Happy weekend! With restrictions still in place, maybe you are looking for something new to spruce up your time spent at home. I’ve got some ideas for you below! 


Thanks to a recommendation from our sister station, 95.7 ELMNT’s, station manager and afternoon news journalist, Matthew Bisson, I’ve been loving the new Arlo Parks record, Collapsed in Sunbeams! It’s vibe-y and sad, which are all the things I look for in music, truthfully. 2021 has had a slow start for releases, but I think this one is high up on my list. Check it out!  


Ever let Netflix tell you what to watch next? They have a new random TV show or movie generator for those of us who can’t decide on something. So, I tried it out, instead of spending 20 minutes humming and hawing. Surprise, surprise, they chose a show for me that they have been heavily promoting – Superstore! It’s kinda like The Office, except in a giant department store called Cloud 9, with colours very similar to another big box store you might recognize. Starring America Ferrera, Ben Feldman and Mark McKinney, it offers a behind-the-scenes look into the department store and its workers. In a word, it’s hilarious! The episodes are short at 20-ish minutes and the plot is always fun and strange, but sometimes even a little dark. It’s easy to sink into the Cloud 9 universe. 


Lisa Jewell is always putting out captivating thrillers, so I thought I’d pick up her 2020 release, Invisible Girl. It follows the intertwining lives of the Fours family, a young girl named Saffyre and a suspected sexual predator, Owen Pick. It promises lots of twists and turns and a great deal of trickery, which I feel like I’ve already succumbed to so far. I’d definitely recommend it! 

[Spending Time] 

Ubisoft released a Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune game simulator! Instead of watching these beloved gameshows, you can play them yourself with your family or a computer player. It’s another one of those frustrating yet obsessive games. I’m so tired of going bankrupt, but I love solving the puzzles! They are available on PS4 and Xbox One.

What’s on your Stay Home Club this week? Drop a comment below! 

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