Three Ways to DIY Pink Shirt Day

February 24th is Pink Shirt Day – a day to take a stance against bullying!

In Canada, one in five kids are affected by bullying. Pink Shirt Day is a day to speak up and support programs that teach empathy, compassion and kindness.

If you don’t have a pink shirt to show your support, this year popping out to the shop to buy one is out of the question. But you can make one at home with items you’ll find in your cupboard or the grocery story! You’ll need a white t-shirt, then follow one of these DIY dyes:

Option 1: Baking aisle

Food colouring is great for decorating cakes, but you can use it on fabric, too. Make sure you’ve got some salt and white vinegar, and you’re set! Level up with a “Be Kind” stencil to really make the message clear. Follow the great food colouring tutorial here.

Option 2: Frozen food section

No doubt you’ve accidentally stained some clothes over the years eating a juicy strawberry, well, now you’re going to do it on purpose. A cup of berries and water on the stove makes a great fabric dye. Follow the strawberry method here.

Option 3: Fresh produce

If you want a soft millennial pink for your tee, start with some avacodo toast – and save the pits! Avocado pits make a great dye. You do need to dry the stones first, so plan this one ahead if possible. Follow this avacod pit dye how-to.

Once you’ve got your pink shirt, wear it to show your support! You can also get inolved in Pink Shirt Day through by fundraising for or donating to iniatives or enrolling your kids school if you’ve got kids in your life. We can all stand up to bullying. Find out more at

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