Stand in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq people at the virtual Ice Walk

A historic event takes place Monday, March 29th, called the Ice Walk. Folks are welcome to join in and stand in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq people of Lennox Island First Nation through a walk from Port Hill to Lennox Island. The walk is to acknowledge the hurt caused to the Mi’kmaq people, and Indigenous communities across the country, in the form of residential schools, day schools and the 60’s Scoop. Following the walk, a Forgiveness Ceremony will take place with traditional teachings. 

Those in the Toronto area can support from a distance by spreading the word, checking out the live stream on YouTubeand Facebook on Monday, March 29th at 12:00PM or by donating to the Indigenous youth leadership programs fundraiser. 

A song, written by three Indigenous folks, Gilbert Sark, Hubert Francis and Senator Brian Francis and three non-Indigenous people, Daniel Howlett, Dennis Ellsworth and Tara MacLean, called “Beneath the Path of Crows” is also being shared to spread the word. Check out the video below: 

Photo: Ice Walk

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