The easiest way to spring clean your home

Spring is here! Not just officially (thanks, Equinox), but the air is warmer and the birds are singing in the morning. And with spring comes spring cleaning!

Some researchers trace the origin of spring cleaning to the Iranian Nowruz, the Persian new year, in which everything in the house is thoroughly cleaned. In North America and northern Europe, the custom of a good clean got connected to March when it was finally warm enough to open windows and doors and let high winds carry dust out of the house. (Wind: the OG vacuum).

What’s the easiest way to spring clean your place? That depends! You can either put aside an afternoon and get the whole thing done, or you can tackle it one small task at a time. Here’s the two best ways to spring clean:

The “get ‘er done” method

There’s nothing like digging in and not giving up until the job is done. If you like a good day’s work with striking results, follow these seven steps and get ‘er done:

  1. Declutter and Reorganize
  2. Dust and Vacuum
  3. Clean Interior and Exterior Windows
  4. Clean Floors
  5. Clean Appliances
  6. Deep Clean your Kitchen and Bathroom
  7. Clean Outdoors

For details on each step and a list of supplies to with them them, check out

The “take it easy” approach

If a big clean is daunting or just isn’t possible for you, you can choose one small task a day. The “spring cure” from Apartment Therapy breaks down bite-sized tasks, one room at a time, over 20 days you won’t even know you’re doing a deep clean! They’ll even email you a daily how-to on each task to really make the job easy to do. Get the pdf, sign up for the guide, and get inspired here.



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Whether you’re not stopping until it’s done or you’ll tick off the to-do list throughout the month, put on some tunes, open the windows, and happy spring!

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