A silhouette of a person with their arms raised against a night sky, the moon seeming to be cupped in their hands.

A new audio drama of a classic inspiring story

Hope, healing, and hitchhiking: Margo Kane’s classic play Moonlodge is back in a new form for a new generation.

Samantha Brown recording “Moonlodge”

Soulpepper Theatre Company in Toronto has launched a remarkable project called Around the World in 80 Plays which gives audiences a journey from Canada, to Argentina, to Nigeria and beyond through audio plays.

Moonlodge, which first premiered in 1990, in one of those journeys and is brought to life by director Jani Lauzon (M├ętis) and performer by Samantha Brown (Anishinaabe/European).

“Taken from her family by the government, Agnes grew up away from the support of her community. Unable to change her past, Agnes follows the voice inside her, journeying across America to where the women gather, helping her find herself, her history, and her family. An inspiring story of self-determination, and the colonial tragedies that shape our society today.”

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Choose! Once you purchase, you get unlimited access to the audio drama until June 30.

Sign up for a “passport subscription” to enjoy all eight productions. Get curious, grab your headphones, and be transported.

For tickets and more information:

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