The Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival Announces 2021 Nominees of The SSIMAs

The Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival announced the nominees of this year’s Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards (SSIMAs), which will be streamed live from the National Arts Centre on June 12th.

The nominees were selected from a pool of 250 Canada-wide submissions by a panel of jurors comprising of Indigenous and music industry professional. The SSIMAs will span a total of 18 categories, including solo artists, duos and groups, showcasing some of the best music and artistic talent within the Indigenous community. Some of the 18 award categories recognize artists that have highlighted artistic heritage and culture within Indigenous communities and raised awareness of social and environmental issues to inspire positive change.

Here is a full list of categories and nominees:

Artistic Video: 

  • Troy Kokol, Like a Record
  • The North Stars, Monsters
  • Silla and Rise, Mother Roots 
  • Nadjiwan, Easier
  • Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Solidification

Country Album of the Year: 

  • Leah Belle, Shine
  • Jerry Sereda, Don’t Mind if I Do 
  • Desiree Dorion, Break the Chain 
  • Esther Pennell, Big Dream
  • The C-Weed Band, Last Ride

Hand Drum/Fiddle/Instrumental Album of the Year: 

  • Tee Cloud, Four Sacred Colours 
  • Manitou Mkwa, Manitou Mkwa Singers Volume 2
  • Joel Wood, and Singing is Healing

International Indigenous Artist/Group Recording of the Year:

  • VILDÁ, Vildaluodda / Wildprint
  • Samantha Crain, A Small Death
  • Gájanas, Cihkkojuvvon / Hidden
  • Cary Morin, Dockside Saints
  • Alena Murang, and Sky Songs

Inuit Artist/Group of the Year:

  • Silver Wolf Band, Storms & Prayers
  • Silla and Rise, Galactic Gala
  • Hyper-T, Hyper Inuk Music

Music in the Arts:

  • Twin Flames, Grace Too
  • Okara, Okara LIVE
  • Cris Derksen, Indigenous Fashion Week

Live Musical Performance of the Year:

  • Shawnee, Warrior Heart
  • Shauit, Nutshimam
  • Sandrine Masse-Savard, Yawenda and wendat chants
  • Joshua Arden Miller, Toronto Blues Society 35 Years of Blues
  • Joey Stylez and Carsen Gray, Victory Dance

Métis Artist/Group of the Year:

  • Sandra Sutter, Aurora 12
  • G.R. Gritt, Ancestors
  • Electric Religious, Catherine
  • Brandi Vezina, Danger
  • Blue Moon Marquee, and BARE KNUCKLES & BRAWN

Pop/Alternative/Rock Album of the Year:

  • Twin Flames, Omen 
  • Quanah Style, Quanah Style
  • Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Theory of Ice
  • Joey Stylez and Carsen Gray, Warrior Sun
  • Anachnid, Dreamweaver

Pow Wow Traditional/ Contemporary Album of the Year:

  • Wabanaki Confederacy, Honouring Our Languages
  • Stoney Bear Singers, Kepmite’lsultinej: Honour Our People
  • Manitou Mkwa, Manitou Mkwa Singers Volume 2

Radio Song Single of the Year:

  • Twin Flames, Battlefields
  • Joey Stylez, Super Power
  • Cody Coyote, Manidoo Dewe’igan
  • Carsen Gray, Sah ‘Laana
  • Burnstick, Some Kind of Hell

Rap/Hip Hop/Electronica Album of the Year:

  • The North Stars, Sah ‘Laana
  • Sean Beaver, Electric Turtle Dreams
  • Rich n Beka, Let the games begin
  • Mattmac, 20/20
  • Anachnid, Dreamweaver

Recording Artist(s) of the Year:

  • Twin Flames, Omen
  • Murray Porter, STAND UP
  • DJ Shub, War Club
  • Burnstick, KÎYÂNAW
  • Anachnid, Dreamweaver

Rising Star:

  • Mary Bryton, 3AM
  • Logan Staats, OMG
  • Kaeley Jade, Years Ago
  • Joshua Arden Miller, SOLIDARITY
  • Angel Baribeau, Love Is Up The River

Roots Album of the Year:

  • The North Sound, As The Stars Explode
  • Nick Sherman, Made Of
  • Murray Porter, STAND UP
  • Leela Gilday, North Star Calling
  • Julian Taylor, and The Ridge

Social Voice:

  • Murray Porter, Highway 16
  • Leela Gilday, North Star Calling
  • Jah’kota, Welcome to the Matriarch
  • G.R. Gritt, Doubt It
  • Burnstick, and KÎYÂNAW

Youth Leadership in Music:

  • Warrior Women, Asani, Smudge Song, Crystal Kids Love Song, Kisikaw
  • Q052, QAMA’SI
  • Cody Coyote, Ma’iinganag

You can learn more about the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival and the Music Awards here.

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