“Industry Baby”, Lil Nas X, and the art of trolling

Last week pop star Lil Nas X, released the video for his single, Industry Baby featuring Jack Harlow.

The video thumbnail alone explains why Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow were trending on Twitter the night of its release. It follows X as he maneuvers his way around “Montero State Prison”. From a naked communal shower dance break, a prison riot, to elaborate prison yard choreography. Above all, the prisoners are adorned in bright pink prison uniforms. In short, the visuals are unapologetically gay.

Weeks into the Industry baby rollout, Lil Nas X teased an upcoming court trial on Twitter. The pop star has been involved in legal issues with Nike, over his satan shoe. In true Lil Nas troll fashion, a  teaser showing Nas in a courtroom playing multiple characters was released. The comedic, attention-grabbing rollout was paired with a high-profile case, followed by a provocative music video to match.

Lil Nas came from an online persona (like most modern-day pop stars). Unlike his peers, X uses his understanding of “trolling” to an advantage. In such a rapidly changing music scene, this is important. Conversations seem to follow the chart-toppers. As a result, making them chart even higher. A great example of this is the other Lil Nas X video, MONTERO.

Moreover, Lil Nas X is creating controversy by being gay. He’s not making controversial statements to bait arguments, solely using creative, queer visuals, and Twitter memes to capture your time.

In all honesty, I enjoyed Industry Baby. The song was catchy, the visuals are etched into my mind, and the execution, as usual, was good. All the makings of a quintessential pop song are right here.

If this is an indication of what Lil Nas X has in store, we are buying it.


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