Beat the Heat with Wet N Wild Toronto!

Toronto! Are you looking for the perfect way to beat the heat and stay cool? Well, let me present you with the perfect solution… Wet N Wild Toronto! This massive water park that sits on 100-acre complex is located in Brampton, Ontario and has a variety of attractions to keep you and your family and friends occupied for a whole day! It is open daily from 11:00am- 6:00pm. If you are planning to visit you must visit the website and register a timeslot. Once you have an arrival timeslot, you can stay until close!

Now, what amazing attractions does Wet N Wild have to offer? Well first, there is the Bear Footin’ Bay which is a water play structure featuring interactive play features. Make sure you aren’t looking down for too long or you might end up under the giant tipping bucket that is guaranteed to get you soaked. The Bermuda triangle is three Wet n Wild body slides that are going to have you wanting more. Big Surf is the wave pool that circulates half a million gallons of water. Another thrill-seeking slide that you should be sure to checkout is called the “Oh Canada”, the floor suddenly drops and riders free fall through a vertical-chute, incorporated in this is a 360 degree loop. There is also a lazy river, a jet stream zipline, and many more attractions that will keep you occupied all day long!

These are just some of the great attractions Wet N Wild has to offer, be sure to check out their website for COVID19 protocols and booking a time slot. Be sure to check out this amazing attraction before it closes for the season.

NOTE: 106.5 ELMNT FM will be giving away a 5 family pack to Wet N Wild from August 25th- August 31st. See contest page for details!

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