Toronto among best places to work remotely across the globe

Don’t loathe that Zoom call too much! Toronto is on the map as one of the top places to work remotely in the whole world. A new study from WorkMotion considered factors like happiness, cost of living, education, healthcare, livability, compliance and political stability and equality.

Toronto landed in the number six spot, with a score of 94.09 out of 100. There are only two other Canadian cities among the 80 locations that made the list. Montreal, which sits at number two with a rank of 98.2 and Vancouver, which landed at number sixteen with a total of 84.03. Ranking in at number one is Melbourne, Australia, which has an impressive score of 100/100.

No matter how you feel about it the workday, Toronto is a great place to work from wherever you please! Read more about the study here.

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