ELMNT FM’s Catch the Ace is here!

With ELMNT FM’s Catch the Ace, you can win money while supporting Indigenous artists! You have two chances to win every week! Here’s how it works:
  1. Choose your card for the progressive jackpot
  2. Purchase your tickets for the weekly draw
  3. A winner is selected for the weekly prize
  4. The weekly winner’s card is revealed
  5. If it’s the Ace of Spades, they win the progressive jackpot
  6. If it’s not the Ace, the weekly prize starts again and the progressive jackpot grows!
All proceeds will help fund the operation of First Peoples Radio, a not-for-profit entity with the mission and mandate of promoting Indigenous languages, culture and history, as well as Indigenous artists and musicians. Proceeds will also provide funding for the Aboriginal Media Education Fund to assist individuals in obtaining the education, training, and mentoring needed to achieve their goals. Check out for all the details and to buy your tickets!

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