Rogers Reveals Compensation Plan for Nationwide Outage

Rogersnationwide outage on Friday, July 8th put pause on the lives of million’s of Canadians, and got people expressing their concerns over dependency and lack of resilience in Canada’s communication service s

Rogers is attempting to address the issue by offering to give customers a credit for five days of internet and phone usage. This is an increase from previous reports, which claimed Rogers planned to only compensate customers for a single day.

The outage not only left customers in the dark, but also many businesses that don’t even rely on Rogers for their internet and phone services. Debit provider Interac relies on Rogers internet, meaning that the service disruptions resulted in debit transactions screeching to a halt.

The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Industry is pushing for Rogers and other telecommunication companies to develop concrete contingency plans in response to last week’s outage.

Rogers Communications is still set to acquire rival telecommunications giant Shaw in a deal that is estimated to be worth $26 billion.

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