Mattmac Wins RBC Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Grand Prize

Garden Hill First Nation artist Mattmac is the recipient of the RBC Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Grand Prize Winner. The Grand Prize includes $20,000, performance opportunities at future Canada’s Walk of Fame events, and private recording time at Metalworks Studios in Mississauga. Mattmac broke out onto the scene in 2016 and quickly gained a fanbase for his hip-hop and trap stylings. He has over 800,000 streams, has been praised Canada-wide, and has worked with big names like Nelly Furtado. Mattmac, who is blind, has said that he hopes his win will “inspire others to know that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to…” Mattmac‘s latest album, Blurred Visions, was released this past Summer. Image Credit:

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