Manitobas’ 3 Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Landfill Search

In 2022, three Winnipeg First Nations women became the victims of an alleged serial killer. The Three women have been identified as Marcedes Myran, Morgan Harris and Rebecca Contois.  

Police have charged Jeremy Skibicki with first-degree murder in connection with their deaths. Skibicki has been accused of rape, death threats, and violence by former spouses and common-law partners, who are known to be Métis and/or of Indigenous background.  

Police believe the remains of both Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran were taken to a privately run landfill north of the city in May 2022. 

The families of all three victims have pleaded with the Manitoba government to help recover the remains. The Manitoba government says it won’t fund the landfill search.  

The Premier of Manitoba, Heather Stefanson, says “Searching the landfill would be too dangerous for workers”  

In an official report, it is documented that the search could take three years to complete and cost up to $184 million. Provincial officials have offered funding to the families for a memorial service.  

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