A Women’s firefighter team Takes 2nd place medal in Aboriginal Firefighters Competition 

An all-women’s firefighter team from the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach won the second-place spot in Quebec’s Aboriginal Firefighters Competition.

A team of seven female firefighters from the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach took home second place at a firefighter competition last weekend, just northeast of Quebec City in Listuguj. 

The all women’s team consisted of Melissa Peastitue, Nikita Pone, Louisa-Pearl Einish-Shecanapish, Esther Elizabeth Tooma, and Priscilla Sandy.  

All 7 women travelling to Listuguj for Quebec’s Aboriginal Firefighters Competition (Photo submitted by Louisa-Pearl Einish-Shecanapish)

Einish-Shecanapish says they completed various types of training, obstacle courses and more, training every day leading up to the competition. 

“A few weeks before we left the competition, we trained every day”

Moreover, Einish-Shecanapish says that her teammates kept her going, knowing that they were in this together, looking over and seeing all the hard work they already put in pushed her.  

From left to right, Marina Uniam, Melissa Peastitue, Louisa-Pearl Einish-Shecanapish, Shania Mameamskum, Esther Elizabeth Tooma, Priscilla Sandy and Joyce Einish pictured at the competition. In front team coaches, Andy John Dominique and Billy Moffat. 
(Photo submitted by Louisa-Pearl Einish-Shecanapish)

Now team of 7, is looking forward to competing next year and hopes to win the competition while inspiring other women and girls to peruse careers in male-dominated industries such as firefighting 

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