Autumn Shaganash Missing after Two Months

Autumn Shaganash a 26-year-old Indigenous woman has been missing for more than 2 months. The family pleads with the Barrie Police and GTA residents to help bring Autumn home.

Autumn Shaganash was last seen leaving home on June 9, 2023. She lived with her sister Lili Moore and Lilli’s small children. Autumn Shaganash informed her sister after leaving the home that she would be staying out late and be back in the morning. Lilli attempted to text and call Autumn but nothing went through. Autumn Shaganash never returned home the next morning.

I new something was not right”

– Lilli Moore

Barrie police officially reported Autumn Shaganash missing on June 12, 2023. The investigation is still active according to Peter Leon, a Corporate Communication Coordinator for Barrie Police. Leon says that the Shaganash case is being treated the same as any other, but because 48hr passed before Autumn was reported, it has made finding her much more difficult. Barrie police have placed Autumn Shaganash on all Canadian-wide missing person servers as Autumn Shaganash could be anywhere!

The family remains hopeful that Autumn will make her way back, but have their doubts that the Barrie police are trying.

for more information, listen below.

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