Changing Lives with Permanent Makeup

Owner of Healing Hands Beauty Bar & Spa, Dina Kayseas (Binesi Ogichidaa) is changing the indigenous beauty scene with permanent makeup and other spa services.

Dina Kayseas is a residential school survivor, domestic violence survivor and recovering drug addict. Dina turned to cosmetics as a way to turn her life around. After putting herself through school and seeing how positively it has impacted her, Kayseas started to offer training in spa services and permanent makeup to women who are trying to turn their lives around as well as mentorship.

Due to the pandemic and inflation, Kayseas came into hard financial times. Unable to make rent and maintain her alone, she had made the hard choice to let go of her physical storefront, and instead offer mobile services.

Dina’s last day in her spa will be August 31, 2023

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