Indigenous Financial Literacy Coach Bestt Blayze Peterson giving speach

Financial Literacy For This Economy

Licensed Indigenous entrepreneur promoting financial literacy across North America 

Lots of BIPOC individuals struggle with saving, investing and managing their money. Indigenous Financial Literacy Coach Bestt Blayze Peterson is doing his part in educating and changing the way BIPOC handles money.  

There are differences in financial knowledge between BIPOC and their Caucasian counterparts. BIPOC families are often in survival mode, thus leaving little time to build wealth. Many BIPOC families often have outdated beliefs about money that hold back future generations from achieving finical goals.

In a survey by Maru Public Opinion, just one in five (21%) Canadians consider themselves very financially literate. While a majority (60%) admit to managing a personal or monthly budget, fewer (29%) have taken educational courses about finances or personal budget management. 


Peterson holds free online classes for Indigenous people to help them better understand the banking system (Mortgages, Investments etc.). Classes for the 2023 session start at 7 pm MST and are being held between October & November.   

Free Indigenous Financial Literacy Class Of 2023 

Oct 10 Week 1: Mastering Debt & Mortgages 
Oct 17 Week 2: Investing  
Oct 24 Week 3: Insurance Planning 
Nov 7 Week 4: Budgeting & Retirement Planning 

For more information listen here:

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