PDSB Centre for Indigenous Excellence Learn Traditional Birch Bark Canoe

Peel District School Board, Maawnjidiing Wiingushkeng Centre for Indigenous Excellence and Land-Based Learning, learn how to build a traditional birch bark canoe at the Heartlake conservation area with teaching by Chuck Commanda  Inspired by land-based learning, as a way of earning credit accumulation for indigenous students, the Maawnjidiing Wiingushkeng Centre offered students of the PDSB […]

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A Beadwork Artist Making Space For Others

beadwork artist

Siera Hancharyk is a beadwork artist whose ultimate goal is to fund a center for indigenous youth in Toronto to gather and grow as entrepreneurs. “To improve the future, I think it’s important to consider the seven generations before and beyond us” said Siera. Siera describes beading as a medium through which She/They can express themselves and […]

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Annual Talking Stick Festival Goes Virtual Through the Seasons

Talking Stick Festival is celebrating 20 years in 2021! To make the most of these strange times, they’ve taken the festival to the digital realm. From February 17th to February 27th, you’re invited to learn about and celebrate Indigenous culture through the arts in the Season of Four Fires.  Whether you are seeking to learn something […]

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