Midnight Shine’s Latest Single & Music Video, “Leather Skin”

While Midnight Shine’s latest music video for Leather Skin was shot in 2018, the idea for it was first inspired in 2000. Back then, Midnight Shine frontman Adrian Sutherland saw the captivating beach video for Coldplay’s Yellow and dreamed of someday making one of his own on the desolate shorelines of his Northern Canadian home. This long-held dream […]

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Special Look: Midnight Shine’s “Heart of Gold” (Cover)


Musicians in their early career often find themselves being resourceful. Whether it’s borrowing an instrument from a friend when they can’t afford one, or making their own rendition. Nothing less came from Adrian Sutherland, who at the age of 16 borrowed an Elder’s harmonica, and out of limited supplies fashioned a homemade harness. In an […]

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