iskwē with special guest Riit

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Date/Time - 23/02/2019 - 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Massey Hall presents

The multi-award winning artist iskwē, is unafraid to challenge the convictions of her detractors by honouring her heritage, standing steadfast in her viewpoints, iskwē’s artistry knows no bounds. Blending soulful, breathlessly delivered lyrics coloured by the many shades of human nature with a sonic palette that takes its cue from the shadowy atmospherics of the 1990s Bristol sound, iskwē’s music revels in her strength of self and that is her true rallying cry.

On February 23 iskwē will reveal a new and immersive experience for her live show at Toronto’s The Mod Club. The audience can expect the same thought-provoking artistic statements along with new visual elements that strengthen the stories that she’s collected over the past 13 months of touring the globe. The performance will also serve as a turning point in iskwē’s evolution as the artist changes her name to use Standard Roman Orthography.